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Sailing Safely

Model boating is an enjoyable and generally safe hobby. However we should all be aware that accidents or illness can occur at any time. Details are provided on sailing days at the sailing site and on this site under emergency so that anyone attending the Club, whether sailing or otherwise and then suffering an illness or accident can receive medical attention as quickly as possible.

Please be aware that there is an issue with safety and follow the following guidelines whilst at Boundary Park:

  • Our sailing times are from
    • October to April         12pm until 3pm Sunday and Wednesday
    • May to September     1pm until 4pm   Monday and Wednesday
    • May to September     3pm until 5pm   Sunday
    • Our agreement with Alan Blackhurst is to use the lake until dusk, so members may continue sailing after the finish time providing they are not alone.
  • There may be some Sundays when the lake is unavailable, and the sailing day will be moved to a Monday. Full details will be advised in advance and our Calendar also has the relevant dates.
  • At the end of the sailing time please ensure that you do not continue to sail when all other members have removed their boats and are preparing to leave
  • Never sail alone, if you are first at the water do not start sailing until someone else arrives.
  • Anyone sailing should have a mobile phone with them and preferably switched on. If an incident occurs and you do not have a serviceable mobile phone go to the stores and ask to use their telephone.
  • A list of Members telephone numbers is available at each club meeting to enable contact with family or friends in case of need.
  • If there is an accident or emergency ring (999) the Emergency Services, tell them what has happened and request the appropriate service. The venue is Boundary Park Store, Knutsford Road, Cranage, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire CW4 8HT.
  • Do not enter the water.
  • If you start to feel ill whilst at the water tell someone your exact symptoms, any medication you are taking and decide what action to take. Do not keep it to yourself as any delay may have serious consequences.
  • We all have a duty of care for our own and other's safety. If you are aware that anyone is in danger or distress please alert other Members so that any help may be rendered in good time.
  • The launching jetty belonging to the club is situated to the left when viewed from the road side of the lake. The jetty to the right belongs to The Sea Scouts but is available to use .
  • Fit a golf ball type protector to the end of your transmitter aerial to protect others from contact with the aerial tip. Not required for 2.4Ghz transmitters.
  • Be aware that the grass bank adjacent to the lake and the launching jetties may become slippery in times of heavy rain or frost.
  • Ensure that any sharp points or edges on your model are protected to avoid any piercing injury to yourself or others.
  • When launching your model it is preferable to use some form of launching cradle or strap. Please ensure that any device used has a secure hold on the model and is properly balanced to avoid any chance of the model slipping.


Reviewed 16th October 2017