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As our membership has grown it has become increasingly difficult and time consuming to ensure that our members are aware of the rules to protect them and the Public and to ensure we can continue to enjoy the sailing waters.

We have therefore now adopted a more formalised set of rules to address the position and to enable us to advise new members on joining.

Hard copies are available from the secretary but are published here in full:

Crewe and District Model Boat Club
General Rules

1)         Names and Objectives.

    a)   The Club (hereinafter called “The Club”) shall be known as The Crewe and District Model Boat Club

    b)   Its objectives are to promote model boat building and sailing in the Crewe and District and surrounding areas.

 2)         Officers

    a)   The Club will be governed by the following elected Officers

      i)       Chairman

      ii)     Secretary

      iii)   Treasurer / Membership Secretary

      iv)   Boiler Testers

        (1)  Boiler Tester

        (2)  Boiler Tester

      v)     Safety Officer

        A quorum of two thirds of The elected Committee must be present before any decision is reached.

    b)  The following additional Members will be co-opted to assist.

    • (a)   Deputy Chairman
    • (b)   Deputy Secretary
    • (c)   Deputy Treasurer
    • (d)   Yachting Representative
    • (e)   Northern Association of Model Engineers Representative

     In the absence of any official the relevant deputy will assume the role including attending any Committee meeting.

 3)         Indemnity

    a)      Except such loss as arises from their respective or wilful default, the Members of the committee shall not be liable (otherwise than as Members) for any loss suffered by The Club as a result of the discharge of their respective duties on its behalf, and they shall be entitled to an indemnity out of the assets of The Club and from all Members of The Club in equal shares for all expenses and other liabilities incurred by them in the discharge of their respective duties.

    b)     All persons attending or sailing at The Club events do so entirely at their own risk.

4)         General Meetings

    a)     General meetings shall be held on a regular monthly basis

    b)     The Chairman shall preside at all Meetings or in the absence of the chairman the Deputy Chairman or Secretary. If neither is available a Chairman shall be elected by the Meeting.

    c)     Extraordinary Meetings may be called at the discretion of the Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer

    d)     True and accurate records shall be kept of all Meetings.

 5)     Finances.

    a)     The Treasurer shall be responsible for banking all moneys received and for payment of accounts.

    b)     The Auditors remuneration is to be fixed annually at Annual General Meeting.

    c)     In the event that The Club shall cease to exist then the Assets shall be converted to cash. After payment of all and any liabilities of The Club the balance shall be paid to The R.N.L.I. as a donation from the Club.

 6)     Annual General Meeting

    a)     Officers and the Auditor shall be elected annually at the A.G.M. which shall be held in January.

    b)     Notification of the A.G.M. or any Extraordinary Meeting shall be given to all Members either verbally or at their current known address at least 14 days prior to the Meeting.

    c)     The Treasurer shall present at the A.G.M. a balance sheet of the audited Club Accounts

    d)     The Secretary shall maintain a list of all Club Assets and their respective locations. The list showing the previous two years Assets and their estimated current value shall be presented by the Secretary at the A.G.M.

    e)     General Rules may be amended at the A.G.M. or at an Extraordinary Meeting convened just for that purpose. Any proposed changes to the rules are to be advised not later than at the monthly meeting prior to the AGM or included in the announcement of an EGM

    f)      Any alterations or additions to the General Rules must be passed by a simple majority of Members present who are eligible to vote

    g)     Subscriptions for the following year shall be decided at the A.G.M.

 7)     Membership

    a)     Membership will run from 1 January and be signified by a Membership card.

    b)     Payment of the annual Membership fee will signify that a Member has read and accepted the Rules of The Club

    c)     Any Member not paying their subscription by the end of February will cease to be a Member and will not be permitted to use The Club facilities or allowed in any of The Club events

    d)     New Member applications will be subject to proposal and secondment from two Members and approval by the Members at monthly meeting.

    i)       The current subscription plus the joining fee becomes payable on acceptance.

    e)     Junior Members up to age 17 and full time students are entitled to free Membership. Junior Members must be under adult supervision at all times

    f)      The Club Insurance Scheme is compulsory for all Members and is included in the annual subscription.

    g)     Any Members’ application deemed detrimental to the Club can be refused without any reason given.

    h)     All committee Members must be paid up Members.

    i)       New Members applying to join during the year will pay 1/12 of the annual subscription for each of the remaining months to December, plus the joining fee.

    j)       Prospective new Members and guests are allowed to sail at the site for a maximum of three days in any given year after which  they must join and become fully insured Members. During the initial three visits they must be supervised by a current Club Member.

    k)     Whilst at Club sailings children are the responsibility of their parent or guardian, vulnerable adults are the responsibility of their carer, and must be accompanied by the relevant parent, guardian or carer.

    l)       Under no circumstances should any Club Member supervise children or vulnerable adults without the presence of the relevant parent, guardian or carer who must be present at all times.

 8)     Disciplinary Procedure

    a)     The Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer shall have the power to order the withdrawal from Club functions any Member(s) under investigation for misconduct which includes

      (a)   Vandalism

      (b)  Antisocial and abusive behaviour

      (c)   Malicious damage

      (d)  Any action deemed detrimental to The Club

    b)     Any Member(s) under investigation for misconduct shall be suspended from all Club activities until a full investigation by the Committee at the earliest possible date.

    c)     The offending Member(s) may be asked to explain to the committee their actions before any decision is made. In order for a decision to be reached, a quorum of two thirds of The Committee must be present.

    d)     A suspended Member shall not be entitled to use any of the Club’s facilities but shall remain liable to pay his/her subscriptions.

    e)     Any complaints regarding a Member must be raised in writing to the Secretary for consideration by The Committee within two months of the incident taking place.

 9)     General Sailing Rules.

    a)    We do not have exclusive rights to the use of the lake and

    b)    U-Swim, the Sea Scouts and Fisherman have a right to use the lake.

    c)    We must avoid any fishing lines at all times and if necessary check with the fishermen where their lines are cast.

    d)   Our agreed sailing area is the lake immediately in front of the two landing stages up to the 30 feet from the far bank of the lake.

    e)    The area to the right of our sailing area is reserved for fishing and we must not sail past a line from the promontory on the right to the far side of the lake.

    f)    Similarly the area to the left of our landing stage within 30 feet of the bank is also reserved for fishing.

    g)   All Members are required to comply with the Sailing Area Rules and the Sailing Safely Advice.

    h)   No Member may operate an Internal Combustion powered model boat

    i)     All sailing activities must be undertaken in a safe manner with due regard to any other models or wildfowl on the lake.

    j)    The Safety Officers and / or their nominees will check for compliance with current insurance legislation any model steam plant sailing on club waters

    k)   Members must comply with any reasonable request to have their models inspected by a Club Safety Officer or Club Member at the request of a Club Safety Officer

    l)    The Club Safety Officer is empowered to stop a model sailing. Any such model may not be sailed until the Safety Officer is satisfied with the model’s compliance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    16th October 2017


Crewe and District Model Boat Club
Sailing Area Rules

The following rules are in place to protect our Members and the Public and to ensure we can continue to enjoy the sailing waters:

1)     Parking

    i)     Enter the Boundary Stores area and drive carefully along the dirt track through the gate to the sailing area.

    ii)    Park your car in the parking area on the left hand side of the track. Make sure you do not block the track if the car park is full.

 2)     Sailing

    i)     Launch models from the club jetty. This is the jetty to the left of the sailing area when viewed from the car parking area.

    ii)    No more than four persons on the jetty at any one time

    iii)   Do not leave stands on the jetty or obstruct the entrance to the jetty at any time.

    iv)   Do not stand on the launching jetty when sailing other than to launch or recover your model

    v)    The Sea Scouts jetty is available for launching models when not in use by the scouts.

    vi)   No IC models. Electric, sail or steam models only

    vii)  All racing yachts to have rubber bumpers fitted at the bow

    viii) Transmitter aerials to have golf ball type protectors attached Not required for 2.4Ghz sets

3)     Frequency control

    i)    The designated transmitter operation area is bounded by the two landing stages extending to the car park areas immediately behind the stages.

    ii)   Please ensure that you do not operate your transmitter outside of this area.

    iii)   In case an emergency requiring you to operate elsewhere please advise others sailing accordingly.

    iv)   Do not switch on your radio control equipment without first checking that it is safe to do so and that you have exclusive control of the frequency

    v)    We operate a fixed allocated frequency for 40MHz and a pegboard shared frequency control system for 27MHz. If you are sharing a frequency please keep your sailing to a reasonable time and release the frequency when you have finished sailing.

    vi)   Check the pegboard and take a spare peg for the frequency you are to use. Then and only then can you switch on your radio transmitter.

    vii)   If your frequency peg is in use, advise the current peg holder that you wish to share the same channel. When they have finished their sail and returned the peg you can claim the frequency and switch on your transmitter. Failure to observe this procedure may result in a damaged boat.

    viii)  40 MHz users have their allocated frequency marked on the board. If using a spare unallocated frequency Members must mark the frequency and their name on the white board.

    ix)   For 2.4GHz equipment ensure that the transmitter and receiver have correctly selected a spare frequency and that full control over the model is possible before launching on the water.

    x)     Any Member guilty of “damaging a boat” by switching on their transmitter when they don’t have the frequency channel may be liable to pay compensation to the owner of the damaged boat.

4)   Insurance

    i)       All those sailing models must have valid Insurance.

    ii)     Non-club Members will be required to provide evidence of insurance

 5)   General

    i)      No dogs are allowed at the club sailing site.

    ii)     Do not leave any litter on site including debris from broken or repaired boats.     


                                                                                                                                              16th October 2017

Crewe and District Model Boat Club

Sailing Safely Advice

Model boating is an enjoyable and generally safe hobby. However we should all be aware that accidents or illness can occur at any time. Details are provided on sailing days at the sailing site so that anyone attending the Club, whether sailing or otherwise and then suffering an illness or accident can receive medical attention as quickly as possible.

Please be aware that there is an issue with safety and adhere to the following guidelines whilst at Boundary Park:

  1. Our sailing times are from
    • October to April         12pm until 3pm Sunday and Wednesday
    • May to September     1pm until 4pm   Monday and Wednesday
    • May to September     3pm until 5pm   Sunday
    • Our agreement with Alan Blackhurst is to use the lake until dusk, so members may continue sailing after the finish time providing they are not alone.
  2. There may be some Sundays when the lake is unavailable and the sailing day will be moved to a Monday. Full details will be advised in advance and our Calendar has the relevant dates. 
  3. At the end of the sailing time please ensure that you do not continue to sail when all other members have removed their boats and are preparing to leave
  4. Never sail alone, if you are first at the water do not start sailing until someone else arrives.
  5. Anyone sailing should ideally have a mobile phone with them and preferably switched on. If an incident occurs and you do not have a serviceable mobile phone go to the stores and ask to use their telephone.
  6. A list of Members telephone numbers is available at each club meeting to enable contact with family or friends in case of need.
  7. If there is an accident or emergency ring (999) the Emergency Services, tell them what has happened and request the appropriate service. The venue is Boundary Park Store, Knutsford Road, Cranage, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire CW4 8HT.
  8. Do not enter the water.
  9. If you start to feel ill whilst at the sailing site tell someone your exact symptoms, any medication you are taking and decide what action to take. Do not keep it to yourself as any delay may have serious consequences.
  10. We all have a duty of care for our own and other’s safety. If you are aware that anyone is in danger or distress please alert other Members so that any help may be rendered in good time.
  11. The launching jetty belonging to the club is situated to the left when viewed from the road side of the lake. The jetty to the right belongs to The Sea Scouts but is available to use .
  12. Fit a golf ball type protector to the end of your transmitter aerial to protect contact with the aerial tip. Not required for 2.4Ghz transmitters.
  13. Be aware that the grass bank adjacent to the lake and the launching jetties may become slippery in times of heavy rain or frost.
  14. Ensure that any sharp points or edges on your model are protected to avoid any piercing injury to yourself or others.
  15. When launching your model it is preferable to use some form of launching cradle or strap. Please ensure that any device used has a secure hold on the model and is properly balanced to avoid any chance of the model slipping


                                                                                                                                                                     16th October 2017


The above rules were revised and adopted at the club Annual General Meeting on 8th January 2013.

Reviewed and updated 30th June 2015 to reflect changed sailing times and removal of risk to Sea Scout Jetty.

Further review and update 15th June 2016 to reflect the revised Sunday sailing times from May to September.

Reviewed 16 October 2017 to amend sailing times. Clarification of Quorum rules for committee.