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Bill Lucy - RMS Titanic

This model was built in conjunction with Dave Melville who built RMS Olympic. Plans at 100th scale were puchased from Dr R Hahn and both hulls were constructed in tandem using ply for the formers, which were fastened to a contiboard baseboard and covered in 1/8” balsa. The inside of the hulls were covered in glass mat and fibre glassed. The hulls were then finished to shape before being coated in glass cloth and epoxy resin. Prior to the final planking the central propeller shaft/tube and rudder post were fabricated and installed. All prop tubes and shafts and stuffing boxes were made together with all the propellers.

The superstructure and decks were from 3mm ply. The decks were covered with 3mm stick on veneer planks. From the plan measurements of the superstructure were entered into a spreadsheet and sent to Steve Tranter( Model Boat Bits) who produced a CAD file that enabled his Water Jet cutter to produce two sets of superstructure.

The portholes on the hull are from 5 & 3mm Leds powered via a dropper circuit from the 12 battery.

Propulsion is via three direct drive 555 motors and Mtronik 15amp Esc. Radio is 2.4 Ghz.