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Northern Modelling Exhibition

This was a new show for all modellers and included boats, planes, trains, trucks and model engineering. In a similar format to the London Model Engineering exhibition and organised by Meridienne Exhibitions.

We were fortunate to be allocated a large stand and were able to exhibit the Titanic, Lusitania and Olympic in a long line on one table.

The Amelie Rose, Cariad, MSC Archer, Le Caux, Lady Jan, ST 206, Lily, Swift, Carla-B and Valiant occupied the tables on the other side of our display which had a central open section for us to sit.

By far the best show we have ever attended from a modelling point of view as most visitors were modellers and had more than a passing interest in our models and their construction.

Being the centenary of the Titanic disaster the liners attracted much interest but everyone who attended went home slightly hoarse as we had a constant stream of visitors and seem to have spoken to a good proportion who had many questions.

Our models were pictured in the local TV news on Friday night and as a result we were often the first stand visited!

We were very well looked after by Meridienne and The Event City security staff and were able to park free close to the venue. Loading and unloading was not a problem as four wheel trucks were provided to carry the models.

The event clashed with the Ellesmere Port Spring Show so we were unable to attend further shows..