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We require all modellers sailing on our waters to have valid third party insurance cover.

As part of the annual membership fee we include the cost of insurance, and the Club holds a group policy with Walker Midgley Insurance Brokers Limited.

As a member club of the Northern Association of Model Engineers our insurance is arranged through their group membership with Walker Midgley.

To comply with our insurance all model steam boilers must be inspected to ensure compliance with the current NAME rules.

All boilers must be steam pressure tested every 12 months and have an examination and Hydraulic test every 24 months or earlier should this be required by the Boiler Tester. Club members may, without charge, present their boilers for test to our Boiler Inspector and Tester. Compliant boilers will be issued with the relevant certificates.

The Club’s Group Insurance covers our members for Public Liability Insurance whilst sailing anywhere in the U.K. and Europe and also covers Professional Indemnity for Boiler Testers.

Walker Midgley Insurance Brokers Limited may be contacted at Suite 6D, The Balance, Pinfold Street,Sheffield S1 2GU

Tel: 0114 250 2770 Fax: 0114 250 2777