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Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions asked by visitors to our Web site. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please E-mail or call 01270 750120.

Why do I need to have third party insurance?

  • In the event of an accident involving a model and a member of the public it is possible that the injured party would seek compensation from the owner of the model. Without insurance cover the modeler could be held personally liable for any damages and costs awarded. In the event of a modeler not having valid insurance the club members could be held collectively liable. As a Club we have a collective responsibility to sail safely and for a small annual fee a Club Insurance is held. This covers all members sailing model boats in the UK and Europe
  • Our permission to use the Lake for model boating purposes is conditional on a valid club third party insurance policy.

I already have third party insurance either in my own right or as a member of another Club. may I sail at Boundary Park?

  • We welcome visitors to our waters and provided you can exhibit the policy and it is valid you are welcome to sail. However if you are visiting on a regular basis we would expect you to join our Club and pay all relevant fees.

Why can’t I sail my I.C. model on the lake?

  • The lake at Boundary Park is also used by people fishing and is home to many water birds. The use of I.C. models would disturb the balance of the lake environment as well as cause a noise nuisance . Our permission to use the lake is conditional on us not causing any damage or disrupting the peaceful environment.

Why can’t I take my dog to the Lake?

  • The lake at Boundary Park is also used by fishermen. Their equipment is fragile and expensive and extends from the lake edge into the bank alongside the lake. The presence of people and animals walking round the lake environs inevitably causes annoyance and distraction to the fishermen. To avoid annoyance to these paying users of the lake the owner has a no dogs rule and as a club we have adopted this rule.

Can I sail my model at any time other than the Club Sailing days?

  • Sorry, no this is not allowed. We have permission to sail on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s during the sailing times advised. Also we do not recommend that members sail unless at least two members are present. There are other activities taking place on the lake outside of our allocated times